Getting new website up running

In case you didn’t notice this website is based on WordPress, setting up WordPress was very easy my provider has a 1-click toolbox.
Setting up the basic option was also a simple process, but one thing is still giving me some headaches. I needed to link to another page from this page in the menu, I need this for two specific things. I want to visitors to easily access my Flickr page for seeing family pictures and my mother has a page which I also wanted to link to.

WordPress allows for creating external links in the menu, but they don’t allow these to be opened in a new window, which is what I wanted. Browsing the web showed that I wasn’t the only one with the problem, but no straight forward solution seemed to be there.
I ended up following the idea of someelse, namely to manually change the HTML/PHP of the theme I selected! Can this really be the case that you cannot create external links with target=_blank without having to “hack” the files manually.
I also found a solution with a plugin to the page module, but this doesn’t really solve my case where I needed the menu to have this feature.

Else I look forward to be adding more post, next post will be on mail/contact solution across computers and telephones.