iPad syncing multiple Google Calendar

After having used some time to complain about the problem in having multiple Google Calendar syncing with iPad a Google search solved the problem.

You can find the link here:


Calendar, tasks and contacts acroos multiple units

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but well time just flies by.

I use a number of different electronic devices and a number of services for email, contacts, tasks and calendar. I’m still in the process of solving this in the best possible maner.

Criteria: I don’t like doing everything in a browser – call me old fashioned but I like to have an application with shortcuts etc.

Overall idea is to be able to:

  • Read & Write email, items and folders should be in sync across units
  • Contacts should be automatically updated on all units
  • Tasks should be possible to add, read and update on all units
  • Calendar, should be possible to add events, edit events and delete events
  • Possible I would like to be share some of these items with families and friends – just an example in my close family we share a number of contacts person for other parts of the family. It would be nice if I updated the contact person “My Father” then it was automatically updated for my wife or childrens address books.

    For business Microsoft has a solution (Exchange), but that would be an overkill for a small family of four.

    Current solution which only solves a number of the problems:

    • Provider which allows imap and enough space
    • Google Calendar
    • Thunderbird as mail client
      • Lightning plugin for calendar
      • Provider for Google Calendar
      • Zindus, plugin for contact sync for Google Contacs
      • Sync Kolab, syncing address book, calendar, contacts and tasks list

    Devices for which this must work:

    • Computers, a number of laptops and desktops
    • Android cell phone (HTC Hero)
    • iPad

    Currently most of this works as intended but I’m missing the option to share contacts person (part of my address book with others, wife). Furthermore my task list only works in Thunderbird however it does work across all the Thunderbird clients I use.

    If anyone have good suggestions on how to solve this or have ideas to share on the subject do leave a comment…


    Spam issue in WordPress

    Over the last 24 hours I have received 120 comments on the two post on the site. None of the comments were relevant, but instead offering me links to various “nice” pictures with young models…
    I’m fairly new to WordPress but I do like the commenting feature, so that relevant people may comment on post. But I don’t like to go through all this spam to see if I miss a real comment on the sites.
    Any one with a good suggestion a plug-in or something else to solve this matter in WordPress?
    Login solution is not an option since this would require people to register up front and me to approve them etc. that would kill the idea of making it easy to comment on posts.


    Getting new website up running

    In case you didn’t notice this website is based on WordPress, setting up WordPress was very easy my provider has a 1-click toolbox.
    Setting up the basic option was also a simple process, but one thing is still giving me some headaches. I needed to link to another page from this page in the menu, I need this for two specific things. I want to visitors to easily access my Flickr page for seeing family pictures and my mother has a page which I also wanted to link to.

    WordPress allows for creating external links in the menu, but they don’t allow these to be opened in a new window, which is what I wanted. Browsing the web showed that I wasn’t the only one with the problem, but no straight forward solution seemed to be there.
    I ended up following the idea of someelse, namely to manually change the HTML/PHP of the theme I selected! Can this really be the case that you cannot create external links with target=_blank without having to “hack” the files manually.
    I also found a solution with a plugin to the page module, but this doesn’t really solve my case where I needed the menu to have this feature.

    Else I look forward to be adding more post, next post will be on mail/contact solution across computers and telephones.



    Welcome to this new web page for Hjarnaa family.

    www.hjarnaa.org and www.hjarnaa.eu started back in 2002, and has gone through a range of technologies, plain HTML implemented by hand, CMS Mambo, CMS Joomla and now changed to WordPress.

    By changing to WordPress I hope that the flow of entries will flow more quickly with this tool – but it may still come down to me actually needing to find the time for writing entries 🙂

    The site is primarily used for testing technologies and for easy access to sharing pictures with friends and family.